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The Zest For Life Tour!

Spring has sprung! Well it definitely has in Aquamarato’s world and to celebrate we are going to Spain in a couple of weeks to run our 11 marathon in as many months.

But by now, if you’ve been following our adventures, you know that we like to do things slightly differently. A road trip is a road trip and we love ‘em – do you remember our Lake Como marathon where we drove 2,000 miles in four days, ran a marathon, launched our T-Shirt Collection in Milan and then drove back and had breakfast in Paris just for the hell of it!

So how are we going to top that … well it’s time to introduce you to the Zest For Life Tour! To celebrate our new spring collection, which will be coming soon, we are flying to Barcelona then driving off into the sunset to run a marathon in the stunning surroundings of the Pyrenees before driving back to Barcelona via Andorra where we will no doubt have a little run too!

Back in Barcelona we are going to capture this vibrant city on film before flying back to the UK – all in 4 days.

Of course you will be able to follow the whole adventure on Twitter and Tumblr – there’s going to be some great content!

Watch this space!

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