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Life is an adventure – run wild, run free, run to discover

“You have to go after happiness in life, you have to look for it and find the things we love, the things that make  us feel alive. Life isn’t something to be preserved or protected. It’s to be explored and lived to the full.”
Kilian Jornet

The Masai Running site shares my running adventures from around the world – from running 525 miles across the Spanish Pyrenees to running 8 marathons in 8 countries in 8 days, to burning up The Thames Path. Young or old, fat or thin, black or white running has no pre-conceptions or prejudices, it’s for everyone and this site is designed to inspire and show that just about anything is possible – it is we who set the boundaries and decide on our limitations!

If you read through my bio you’ll see that dramatic change can happen too, whatever your circumstances, and that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things – the choice is ours.

And what’s in the name Masai Running – well I was born and bought up in Masailand and I’ve definitely inherited some of the Masai’s nomadic traits if not their running abilities!

Please enjoy the site and sign up below to make sure you never miss an update – there are lots more adventures on the way including a run across Italy (not as far or as high as the Pyrenees but spectacular scenery none the less) in the not too distant future and a run along the truly beautiful Atlantic Way in Ireland. So let’s awaken the warrior in all of us, join the running revolution and start our own running adventure!

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I had only been going for an hour and already I was tired. The previous day, day 8 of my adventure , had been tricky - the weather had closed in and I had got

Trans Italia 2016

With the Pyrenees well and truly in the rear view mirror, its time to turn my attention to the next great challenge- running across Italy from the Adriatic to the Mediterranean - Trans Italia 2016.

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Here's my adventure board! What's an adventure board you might ask? Well it's all the things that I want to make happen next - in no particular order they are: ♥ Interview Rich Roll ♥